"The glory and freedom of Ukraine has not yet perished..."

Ukrainian National Anthem

The Emergency in Ukraine

The opening line of the Ukraine National Anthem is no more relevant than during these devastating times. We have seen the representation of the opening line play out in real-time, with the resistance from Ukraine against the Russian invasion.

Read on to see how your donations are being used to support the people of Ukraine, and hopefully bring back a sense of freedom that has been taken away. 

Since late February, the ongoing conflict has led to serious shortages of daily necessities such as food, water, and medical supplies for people stranded across Ukraine...

Approximately 6 million people have limited or no access to drinking water.

The Current Refugee Count*


in Poland


in Romania


in Hungary

*figures updated 23rd May 2022

Map of Eastern Europe

How is Good Neighbours assisting?


Many of the people who cross the border are women and children, who are vulnerable targets of human trafficking. Many people are forced to find their own way in getting to a safe destination. With your support Good Neighbours has been providing transport from a border point at Isaccea, Romania and into Bucharest, the capital of Romania. 


The U.N estimates over 10 million people have been displaced and food and water are a challenge, particularly due to the damage to local infrastructure and supply chains. Good Neighbours has conducted multiple food and medical drops throughout Ukraine and Romania including Cherkasy, Chernivtsi, Molodiya, Constanta, Bucha, Ismileand, and Kiliya.


Children either traveling alone or in distressing situations are potentially vulnerable to child trafficking. These times can also be incredibly stressful as the children struggle to understand the events unfolding around them. Good Neighbours has formed partnerships with the Unicef and local charities such as Inima de Copil and Fight for Freedom.  


People assisted with transport to Bucharest, Romania



Households assisted with Food and Medical Supplies 


Children assisted with counseling, Learning kits, Child-friendly toys, and drawing materials

*figures updated 23rd May 2022