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Our Commitment to Stakeholders
Good Neighbours Australia's constitution, backed by our policies and procedures, guides our culture and commitment to the highest standards of legal and ethical behaviour.
Our Commitment to Stakeholders
Our Commitment to Stakeholders

Policies and Procedures

Good Neighbours Australia’s policies ensure that we are accountable to our donors and stakeholders, particularly the children and communities who we serve. Our policies are grounded in our mission and values, ensuring that we adhere to the high standards we set ourselves as we carry out our operations.

This policy outlines the guiding principles relating to advocacy activities undertaken by GNAU, as we seek to protect and promote the rights of vulnerable individuals and advocate for marginalised communities.

This policy outlines Good Neighbours Australia’s commitment to safeguarding, emphasising protection from sexual exploitation and abuse, expanding on our Child Protection Policy.
This policy is based on principles outlined in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and Good Neighbours Mission Statement, to ensure the rights and dignity of children are protected at all times.
This code clarifies the standards of behaviour expected of all Good Neighbours Australia staff and volunteers in the performance of their duties.

This policy aims to guide all individuals, including but not necessarily limited to GNAU Board members and staff , in the development and implementation of communication materials.

This policy outlines our approach to handling complaints and the framework used to resolve issues in a timely, fair and respectful manner.

To ensure Good Neighbours Australia achieves and maintains the highest levels of integrity and public trust in the performance of its duties, this policy addresses our approach to conflicts of interest.

This policy outlines our commitment to ensuring that people with disability are not excluded or discriminated against, based on their disability.

This policy outlines the guiding principles and practices relating to fundraising activities undertaken by GNAU.

This policy outlines the process Good Neighbours Australia follows when soliciting and accepting in-kind contributions, consistent with our mission, programs and projects.
Good Neighbours Global Development Approach outlines how the organisation mobilises in order to achieve its mission.

This statement guides Good Neighbours Australia and our partners in supporting and upholding the Modern Slavery Act 2018.

This policy guides Good Neighbours Australia and our partners when distinguishing between our humanitarian, development and non-development objectives and outputs.
Good Neighbours Australia is firmly committed to protecting the privacy of every individual who interacts with us as we undertake our business, and maintain the integrity of our records, as outlined in this policy.
This policy outlines the principles and guidelines we follow when managing risk, as part of the governance framework of Good Neighbours Australia.
Good Neighbours Australia engages with volunteers who align with our values, support the objectives of our organisation and are enthusiastic and motivated to achieve our mission.

Good Neighbours Australia requires its staff and volunteers to report suspected misconduct by the organisation or that of any employee or agent working for the organisation.


Good Neighbours Australia is committed to upholding the rights of the children and communities that we serve. Our constitution promotes transparency and upholds the integrity of the work that we do in Australia and abroad.

ACFID Fundraising Charter

Good Neighbours Australia adheres to the Australian Council for International Development (ACFID) Code of Conduct, which is recognised as good practice in NGO management.

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