Economic Empowerment

Good Neighbours strives to build a social economy ecosystem in order to improve the quality of lives and economic status of the marginalised population around the world.

We support social enterprise across the world in order to maximise social impact in agriculture, food security, energy and water, and other areas with its ultimate goal in sustainable development.


How Do We Facilitate Economic Empowerment?

Together with partner organisations and corporations across the globe, Good Neighbours Australia aim to support local projects with social value. 

On top of providing financial support for sustainable community development, we also design social enterprise projects wherever there is a need. That's regardless of race, religion, ideology or geographical constraints.

Read on to find out about how we foster economic empowerment in communities.

5 women in social enterprise
sewing social enterprise


Social Enterprises

Good Neighbours Australia works with diverse social enterprises in order to build sustainable community development. We widen access to marginalised neighbours by creating social benefits through Business for Good. 

We support social economy with the aim of creating social value. This includes much needed jobs, economic security, sustainability, and training opportunities to the vulnerable communities with closely linked-social enterprises across the world. 


Capacity Building and Income Generation

Our initiatives focus on breaking the vicious cycle of poverty by promoting self-reliance. But it's not just a one-time donation.

We continually support communities, and believe that by gaining economic empowerment, they are capable of leading community development in a sustainable way. 

We also assist communities in accessing improved materials, production skills and financial assistance. Enabling financial access will provide more opportunities to enhance their economic capacity. 

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Agriculture training in social enterprise

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