Sponsor A Child and help rewrite their future

At Good Neighbours Australia, the well-being of children is at the centre of the work we do. Through our child sponsorship program your support will ensure a child doesn't miss out on essential services that enhance their life including increased access to education, healthcare, and more!

Your donation will not only assist the child you are sponsoring but the entire community the child lives in through community development projects.











Van was a sponsored child of Good Neighbours from 2012 to 2020. Child sponsorship has changed her life by allowing her a safe home, education and all the medical attention she needed. The biggest benefit for her was the emotional support she could get from her sponsor.

This year, Van began working for the Good Neighbours Vietnam project office in the Son Duong District. Having experienced firsthand the work of Good Neighbours and all that they had done for children like her in the community, she wanted to contribute her efforts to the organisation and its mission.

"For those who want to be a sponsor in the future, I will say that through the great meaning of contributing toward helping the community and disadvantaged children, they will become happy sponsors." 

When you sponsor a child, you can change a child's entire life. Van's story shows what happens when you help a child in need. Join a life-changing journey and find out the joys that you will experience today. 


How Child Sponsorship Works 

We don't use children's photos and information as we care about their safety and privacy. Instead, you will be chosen by a child. 



A child that is part of our sponsorship program will choose YOU. We can match a child if you indicate any preference. Otherwise, you will get chosen by a child who is in the greatest need of support. 


You’ll be welcomed by our neighbours around the world. You will receive a Thank you package with your sponsored child’s details, photo and information about their community. 


You can be connected with your sponsored child. You child would love to hear from you. Get in touch with your child by sending a letter and card or even visit your sponsored child. 


Twice a year, you will see your child's progress through letters, cards and photos. You will see how your sponsored child can make your life sweeter throughout your journey. 




Be part of a life-changing journey

Sponsoring a child means joining that child on a journey toward becoming the person he or she can be. Being a part of this journey will inspire you too! Your donation will not only change the child's life but the entire community they live in. It is an easy way to provide hope, the chance for a child to thrive and to make the world a better place!

Every year, you will hear from your sponsored child through an Annual Progress Report and Annual Child Letter. If you would like further contact, it can be arranged at request through letters, videos etc. 

If you choose to sponsor a child, you're choosing the most effective and rewarding way to give children a better future. Child sponsorship provides a more meaningful experience as you get to build a relationship with the child through annual photos and communication, and directly supports not only the child but the community as a whole.