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At the Forefront of Change
Education is a powerful tool which can be used to better equip communities and empower individuals to help change the world. Having access to education opens new doors and helps people build a brighter future.
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At the Forefront of Change
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At the Forefront of Change
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Children in many countries still can’t access basic education, but we at Good Neighbours are determined to change that.

Having access to quality education is one of the most reliable ways for individuals and communities to overcome poverty and become self-sufficient.

Lifelong education also develops independence and self-reliance. As a key focus area for our community development projects, we believe lasting change occurs when people are equipped with the resources to change their own circumstances. At Good Neighbours Australia we are focused on driving awareness and raising funds to support various educational initiatives, including providing hairdresser training for Vietnamese youth and bikes to help students travel to school.

Improving Educational Access

Every child, regardless of gender, economic or social situation, has the right to quality education. We’re especially mindful of helping girls gain access to education. By constructing schools, libraries, youth and vocational training centres, in even the smallest, most isolated villages we enhance accessibility, while also developing teachers’ capacities.

Enhancing Quality Education

Receiving quality education is equally as important as accessibility. This can be as simple as providing essential facilities like toilets, a canteen and a safe place to play. We also provide financial support for tuition, scholarships, educational resources and continuous training and skill development for teachers, along with Childs’ Rights Awareness programs for students.

Creating Lifelong Learning

Good Neighbours Australia believes in supporting a lifetime of learning, providing educational opportunities for children as well as older members of society. Our vocational education centres help with literacy skills and computer training, giving community members practical experience and confidence to seek relevant employment opportunities.

How to Give

Good Neighbours Australia supports community development initiatives locally and internationally. When you give a recurring donation to support community projects, your contribution will be allocated to a range of ongoing initiatives.

Your support will be directed to various infrastructure projects, dedicated training programs and provision of resources, all with the view to making communities more self reliant, resilient and sustainable for the long-term.

Good Neighbours Australia - Ukraine

"The support of Good Neighbours is invaluable. When Ukrainians receive gifts like this, it helps them feel welcome in Australia. When they come here and see people doing good things, like Good Neighbours, they feel very thankful."

Good Neighbours Australia has deductible gift recipient (DGR) status with the Australian Taxation Office. All donations over $2 are tax deductible.

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