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Give Girls a Better Life
by Ending Period Poverty
Poverty, lack of knowledge, taboos and period shame keep many girls from their studies. Support a girl in Bangladesh today.
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Give Girls a Better Life by Ending Period Poverty
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Give Girls a Better Life by Ending Period Poverty
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Better Life for Girls

Menstruation is natural. Yet, for many girls around the world this is a time of worry, shame and isolation.

As a result, many girls will skip class when they’re on their periods, feeling isolated and ashamed, lacking access to sanitary pads and adequate facilities to manage their periods safely. In Bangladesh, for example*:

  • Only 53% of adolescent girls have heard about menstruation before their first period, and only 6% of schools in Bangladesh provide menstrual education.
  • 41% of Bangladeshi girls are absent from school during their period and 86% are unable to change or dispose of menstrual products due to a lack of safe and private WASH facilities.
  • 36% of girls drop out of secondary school in Bangladesh, partly attributed to child marriage, gendered household responsibilities, early pregnancy, lack of appropriate information on sexual and reproductive health, and gender-based violence.

Our Better Life for Girls project educates girls and their communities about menstrual and reproductive health while also providing access to essential sanitary products and facilities. Through your support, we aim to create a ‘Better Life for Girls’ for 3,000 beneficiaries in Bangladesh, delivering:

  • School-based education programs on menstrual and reproductive health, to shatter the stigma around periods
  • Distribution of menstrual health kits
  • Building of Safe Spaces for girls at schools – restroom facilities to help them manage their periods 
  • Creating Girls Clubs to empower girls to be changemakers in their communities 

Barbara's Story

Barbara is 14 years old. She was born in Uganda, East Africa. “On the first day of my first menstrual period, my friend tied her sweater around me to hide my stained skirt, and I left school that day. A piece of old, dirty cloth was given to me by my grandma as my first sanitary pad." "I’m still trying to find a better option for sanitary pads. I cannot go to school during my period. 5 days per month, I miss 2 months of school life each year."

Janat’s Story

Through the workshops she attended, Janat from Kimasa Primary School learned more about her rights as a girl that inspired her to dream. "My dream is to study at Makerere University and get a good job. I will encourage my fellow girls in my village to stay in school and get a good job so that they can support themselves and their family.“

Villagers in Mehe, Cameroon

Women and girls often suffer in silence, excluded from day-to-day activities during menstruation, due to myths and taboos surrounding periods. They also rely on rags, newspapers, banana leaves, and old clothing, as menstrual products have no place in the household budget.

Afsana's Friends

At Afsana's school in Nilphamari District, Bangladesh, most girls miss classes during their periods and have no one to talk to about their struggles. Through the Good Neighbours "Adolescent Corners" equipped with washrooms and menstrual health management (MHM) materials, as well as the training for their teachers, Afsana and her friends are now more confident to attend their school regularly.

*Sources: 2018 National Hygiene Survey; BMC Public Health, Evaluation of a menstrual hygiene intervention in urban and rural schools in Bangladesh: a pilot study, Published 2 June, 2022; Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (2022). Population & Housing Census 2022: Preliminary Report. Dhaka: Government of Bangladesh.

How to Give

Donate $30 today and help fund a girl in Bangladesh to access:

  • Safe/clean restrooms and wash facilities at school,
  • A menstrual health kit,
  • and training and peer support. 

Every young girl counts, so please consider supporting this project generously. Make a one-off tax deductible donation today.

Good Neighbours Australia adheres to the Australian Council for International Development (ACFID) Code of Conduct, which is recognised as good practice in NGO management. All donations $2 and over are tax deductible.

For Direct Deposit Donations, please transfer funds to:

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