Children are the future.

To ensure that the future generation can live in a safe environment, and a society that guarantees the rights of children, we run advocacy campaigns to spread awareness about the crucial child rights issues, in cooperation with local government and communities.

Our advocacy programs help children and community members understand their rights and influence policy decision making. 


How Do We Facilitate Advocacy?

Children should be fully protected. The Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) states that all children must be treated fairly, equally, and with dignity. Sadly, there are still millions of children living in vulnerable conditions.  Quite often, girls fare worse than boys due to unjust social and cultural practices like female circumcision, forced or early marriage, and sexual exploitation. 

At Good Neighbours we run a number of campaigns to help the children recognise and build their strength to protect their own rights. We also ensure that child protection systems and policies are in place, at a national and community level. 

It is everyone's responsibility to ensure that children are truly nurtured and respected. 

2 children presenting child advocacy


Promoting Awareness of Child Rights

Harm to children can take any form like abuse, neglect, exploitation, and violence – and it can happen anywhere.

We raise awareness and educate the importance of child advocacy to both children and the wider community they live in. Government officials, teachers and parents are some of the groups we also inform.

By doing so, we empower children to speak up for themselves. 

This step is critical to truly protect children.


Ensuring Child Advocacy Through Policies and Systems

A well-functioning protection system is at the heart of a comprehensive approach to child advocacy and protection. 

We help to establish structured and resourced systems coupled with formal legislations, laws, policies and regulations with the government and relevant agencies accountable for child protection. 

We also support families and immediate communities by advocating for education and social and economic stability. 

All these factors come together to form a comprehensive and holistic child protection system.  

3 children in child right's campaign
uniform jumping girls
Mina Hope Letter Campaign Smiling

Hope Letter Campaign

The Hope Letter is a Good Neighbours' signature campaign to promote awareness, and provide support for children living in poverty and difficult conditions. 

As part of this campaign, children write letters of encouragement to other less fortunate children around the world. This promotes an education and sensitivity about the plight of others around the globe. 

Letters to Mina 

The Good Neighbours' Hope Letter Campaign launched at the London Children's museum in Canada called for children to write and draw letters of hope and encouragement to Mina - a 9-year-old girl living in the slums of Dhaka, Bangladesh. Along with the letters, Good Neighbours has started a fundraising campaign to improve the school facilities in Dhaka. With the Canadian kids' participation, Good Neighbours helped 200 kids by upgrading school facilities, and providing books, stationery, and tuition assistance. 

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