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The Pig Project

With the provision of two pigs, a family can generate a substantial ongoing income to support their household. Apart from breeding piglets, the pigs have the added benefit of eating household scraps and garden waste. A sow bears 8-12 piglets twice each year. Once raised, a full grown pig weighs approximately 80kg and sells for around AUD $447, creating a generous and ongoing income stream for the family

Chinh's Story

Chinh’s family lived in a makeshift dwelling. After her husband passed away, she considered moving so she could earn more money, but had no-one to take care of the children. Choosing to stay in the remote village, she now grows vegetables and raises pigs to support her family

How to Give

Give two pigs

For $300 you can provide a household with two breeding pigs. The program is available to low-income households, who have the space to accommodate the pigs.

Good Neighbours Australia supports community development initiatives locally and internationally. When you give a recurring donation to support community projects, your contribution will be allocated to a range of ongoing initiatives.

Your support will be directed to various infrastructure projects, dedicated training programs and provision of resources, all with the view to making communities more self reliant, resilient and sustainable for the long-term.


"Thanks to the support of Good Neighbours and your donations, I have been gifted 2 black pigs. I feel so happy and thankful for this support. It has helped me and my family a lot during this difficult time. Hopefully, we will have a new herd of pigs, so that in the next school year, I will have more money to spend for my children’s education."

Good Neighbours Australia adheres to the Australian Council for International Development (ACFID) Code of Conduct, which is recognised as good practice in NGO management. All donations $2 and over are tax deductible.

For Direct Deposit Donations, please transfer funds to:

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