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Kits and Knits for Neighbours
Sharing warmth globally through gifts from Australia
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Gift-in-Kind for Neighbours

In 2024, we’ll be shipping a total of 9,000 hand-knitted blankets to Ukraine, Bangladesh and Vietnam, and 5,000 sustainable menstrual health kits, to our partners for distribution in remote and rural parts of Bangladesh and Vietnam. 

These products, generously donated to GNAU as part of our gift-in-kind (GIK) program, will reach displaced children in Ukraine and young girls and women in rural and remote parts of Bangladesh and Vietnam, in particular. 

While bulk gift-in-kind healthcare and winter items, like menstrual products, medical supplies, warm clothes and blankets are in demand, we’re also open to accepting smaller product quantities, including educational resources for students.   

Reach out to us if you have products to contribute, or if you can support shipping and logistic costs. And, thanks for sharing the warmth around!

Gift-in-Kind Program | Kits and Knits for Neighbours | Blankets for Ukraine

Kits and Knits for Vietnam and Bangladesh

Period poverty affects millions of girls and women in countries like Bangladesh and Vietnam. Without access to basic menstrual health information, affordable period products, or sanitation facilities, girls often have to skip school.

Our teams in Bangladesh and Vietnam will be providing comprehensive menstrual health education and distributing some 5,000 sustainable dignity kits in 2024. In addition, the team in Bangladesh will renovate restroom facilities in at least two rural schools. 

GNAU will also be shipping 6,000 hand-knitted blankets, to distribute through these remote and regional communities. 

Blankets and Dignity Kits to Bangladesh

How to Give

Give towards our $8k target to ship blankets and dignity kits to Bangladesh

Blankets and Kits to Vietnam

How to Give

Give towards our $8k target to ship blankets and dignity kits to Vietnam

Restrooms in Bangladesh Schools

How to Give

Give towards our $15k target to renovate restroom facilities in Bangladesh schools

Knits for Ukraine

The war in Ukraine has forced millions to flee, displacing one-third of the entire population of 41.4 million people. The majority are vulnerable women and children, seeking refuge in neighbouring countries like Romania. For those left in Ukraine, many find themselves living in damaged homes, without access to electricity and struggling with extreme cold. 

Our team in Romania is providing displaced Ukrainians with hot food, ongoing psycho-social support, warm bedding and clothes, amongst other initiatives. So far, 22,000 nourishing meals have been provided to 75+ Ukrainian orphans, 50+ caregivers, and 35+ vulnerable children and youth. We also sent a container of knitted blankets, clothes and toys from Australia in early 2023. 

GNAU will be shipping another 3,000 hand-knitted blankets and hundreds of sets of warm children’s clothing to Ukraine, for our 2024 winter warmer appeal. 

Blankets and Warm Clothes

How to Give

Give towards our $8k target to ship blankets and warm clothes

Nourishing Meals

How to Give

Give towards our $10k target for hot food, for displaced Ukrainians

Psycho-Social Support

How to Give

Give towards our $20k target for psycho-social support programs


If you would like to provide a gift-in-kind donation, or support our logistic requirements, please read the following FAQs:

  • Healthcare items, for example menstrual products, medical supplies, first aid kits, blankets
  • Winter items, for example jackets, knits, gloves, socks, underwear, blankets
  • Educational items, for example stationery, school bags

Healthcare and winter items are often in high demand, so large volumes to fill shipping containers are preferred.  

We do have a minimum requirement of 500 items, however this is subject to a case-by-case assessment, especially if shipping and handling costs outweigh the value of the donation.

Currently no, we’re focused on new gift-in-kind items. That’s because customs regulations are different for each country, and most of our partner organisations are eligible for tax exemption for donated goods, but second-hand items are often rejected by relevant authorities.

Our process for handling GIK donations involves donors verifying the overall value of the products they are donating. Once we’ve mutually agreed to accept your donation, GNAU will provide a one-page form for you to fill out.

As international shipping is handled through third-party agencies, the timeframe between offering a donation and coordinating logistics to accept the donation can take several weeks. Delays may also occur in finding suitable international partner countries to receive items, before coordinating the shipment. The whole process can take several weeks, to even several months.

Yes. GNAU is a registered charity with the ACNC and has deductible gift recipient status with the ATO. All donations over $2 are tax-deductible. We can issue a donation receipt for a Non-Cash Gift, so you may record them as donations.

Currently, GNAU covers most of the shipping costs. But, as a charity, our budget is limited. If you’re able to coordinate or contribute to the shipping costs of your donated goods, this would be very helpful in delivering essential items to more people in need. A tax receipt for these designated funds can be provided. 

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