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Stories of #GoodChange

March 2024

World Water Day 2024

Water is essential for life. An intrinsic natural resource. But limited access to safe and clean water can strip people of their inherent human rights and even lead to conflict. That’s why the UN’s World Water Day, celebrated on the 22nd March, 2024 reminds us of the importance of water and its part in creating a harmonious and peaceful world to live in. 

The UN World Water day campaign this year is Water for Peace.

Good Neighbours, inspired to improve the quality of life for children and local communities across the world, provides access to clean water through our signature Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) projects. 

Here’s some of our recent WASH stories.  

Combating infections through WASH

Good Neighbours Ethiopia found that unsafe water sources and practises in schools resulted in more parasitic infections, malaria, trachoma and skin diseases amongst students. To combat this, a WASH project in the Guri Debula Hope School provided toilet infrastructure as well personal hygiene kits for all the students.  

The promotion of safe water and hygiene practices led to less health issues and  increased school attendance, with students benefiting from access to clean water and WASH infrastructure.   

World Water Day | Ethiopia

Clean and safe drinking water in schools

The 203 students of Bat Hoey Primary School, in a remote part of Cambodia, lacked access to clean water and infrastructure in their school. 

Like many of the children, seven year-old Khvai suffered regular bouts of diarrhoea, stomach aches and other infections, which meant she often missed out on school.

So Good Neighbours Cambodia introduced a WASH project to install a set of clean and safe water drinking stations, along with facility upgrades and hygiene training programs for the whole school community.  

Now that Khvai has access to safe and clean water at school, her health has improved and her school attendance has greatly improved.  

I'm so excited to have sufficient drinking water and I'm so proud of the school for having good water sanitation and hygiene facilities

Improving community's access to clean and safe water

Many people from our Community Development Project in Urrene, Mozambique walked long distances to fetch water.  The water sourced from unprotected wells and rivers is also used for washing clothes, cooking, drinking and watering  animals. As such, these open water sources are not safe.

With the recent installation of bores and pumps in the local school and community, over 90% of the people can now readily access safe drinking water.

The new school bore has also inspired the principal to establish a garden project, to grow nutritious food and provide ongoing learning opportunities for the students.

Meanwhile, the second bore and pump empowered community leaders to establish a WASH Committee, to routinely maintain and manage the  bore sites and pumps.

Through this project the whole community has become more aware of managing their water resources, which is increasingly important as they face climate change impacts.  

This borehole has proved to be of great importance to our school and local community. Water is a precious liquid, essential for the life of all living beings. No water means no life.