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Stories of #GoodChange

February 2024

Gift of Opportunity: A Very Joyous Christmas

Our 2023 Christmas Campaign was a major success with 111 children receiving high-quality bikes and decorated bags, thanks to the generosity of our donors and everyone who helped us fundraise.  

Towards the end of 2023, Good Neighbours Australia raised funds to support school-age children in Vietnam by providing them with bags and bicycles to ride to school. These children are a part of the Good Neighbours Child Sponsorship program. 

Many children have difficulty accessing transportation to attend school and may sometimes be unable to go as they live in remote parts of the country. Some need to rely on a parent or guardian to take them safely to school and in some circumstances will need to walk up to 3 kilometres each way to go to school. A gift of a bicycle would make a significant impact on their daily lives and encourage them to continue to pursue their passions at school.

Children were encouraged to maintain good grades at school and the highest 111 achieving children were chosen to receive the joyous Christmas gift of a bike. 

Christmas Appeal | Sponsored child and her guardian smiling while riding bike

The children were ecstatic with many exclaiming how they could not wait to use their bikes to ride to school. The Christmas joy was seen across all the children’s grateful faces, and they all wanted to thank the donors. 

Some children said they were “very happy to receive the gift” and promised “to study well”. Further, many emphasised that going to school would be “easier every day” now. One child also said “thanks to this gift, going to school is no longer difficult for me. Once again, thank you to the sponsor” and wished the sponsor a “very happy Christmas”. 

Christmas Appeal | Sponsored children with Good Neighbours in Vietnam team smiling with new bikes

The encouraging gift of bikes and bags has opened many doors for these children and their families. Having a safe and reliable mode of transportation allows children to attend school and receive an education whilst simultaneously allowing them to partake in social activities and just be a kid. 

The gift of giving is extremely magical, and we cannot wait to transform the lives of many more children this year with the help of our donors.