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December 2023

New website will help Myanmar arrivals feel right at home

Burmese woman smiling | Myanmar Website | Welcome Neighbours

Australia has long welcomed migrants and refugees as they rebuild their lives in this country, including many from Myanmar affected by upheaval in their home country. In New South Wales (NSW), 2016 census data reveals that there are 7,126 Myanmar-born Australians, double the population of just one decade before. As more and more people from Myanmar resettle in Australia, access to information is essential for them to assimilate and thrive in their new home.

Facilitating better settlement and integration of Myanmar Community

Myanmar Website Homepage available in Burmese, Karen and English languages | Wwlcome Neighbours
“Welcome, Neighbours” Home Page in Burmese language | The website is available in three languages, namely Burmese, Karen and English.

Good Neighbours Australia (GNAU), funded by Multicultural NSW, and in partnership with the Australia-Burma Community Development Network, launched the “Welcome, Neighbours” website project, which aims to provide guidance to new arrivals from Myanmar on the available government support and services in Australia. It also aims to provide practical tips on living in Australia, specifically in NSW.

Project team and partners behind the Myanmar Website | Welcome Neighbours Project
Project team and design agency partners for the Myanmar Website | Welcome Neighbours Project

Project Planning for the “Welcome, Neighbours” Website

ABCD Network Public Officer Sam Lwin shared, “The Myanmar community is diverse with over hundred ethnic groups, languages, and different beliefs and we intend to use this platform in bringing various community organisations together despite diversities and support each other in integrating with Australia multiculturalism and its way of life.”

Available in three languages, Burmese, Karen and English, the website aims to address settlement challenges for newcomers by connecting them to Myanmar communities in NSW and help break down language barriers. Website content includes key facts about Australia, as well as information on visa applications, taxation, and more.

“Over time, we’re hopeful that community-minded Australians with Myanmar background (organisations or individuals) will use this launching platform and keep it updated and relevant,” Lwin said, on sustaining the website for the benefit of future migrants from Myanmar to Australia.

GNAU Executive Director Sylvia Lee said, “Thanks to Multicultural NSW for enabling us to develop this targeted project to provide comprehensive support and encouragement to newcomers. The feedback we’ve received from volunteers and migrants is that this information hub will benefit not only the Myanmar community but also migrants from broad multicultural communities relocating to NSW. I hope this will be a long-lasting asset to help new arrivals settle in NSW.”

To access the “Welcome, Neighbours” website, visit