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Stories of #GoodChange

July 2023

Nguyet’s Story

Every child deserves a safe home. But imagine a child living in a shanty–with a leaking roof, walls that could collapse any time a typhoon strikes, and columns degraded and infested by termites.

This was how Nguyệt and her grandmother were living in Vietnam. Every day, she walks to school for hours and goes back home to sleep under the same roof. In spite of all this, she remained hopeful. 

“My house was built 20 years ago. My dream in the future – I will try to become a good person and earn much money to build a better house for my grandmother.”

The Impact of Sponsoring a Child

Good Neighbours’ child sponsorship program aims to ensure that a child does not miss out on essential services that enhance their life including increased access to education, child protection and healthcare.

Through the help of partners and donors, Good Neighbours was able to support Nguyệt and her grandmother with the construction of their new house. The project was able to cover the construction costs of their house, ensuring that she lives in a proper shelter with concrete walls, a sturdy roof, and a working kitchen and toilet.

“Thanks to the help of GNI, my grandmother and I have a new house now. When it rains, I don’t feel worried anymore that my house will be leaked.”

Aside from that, Good Neighbours also helped children like Nguyệt gain knowledge and understanding of her rights as a child. Through the child empowerment service programs, children are introduced to the basics of children’s rights and child protection.

“I have learned my rights and how to protect myself. I feel so happy to participate in this program with my friends.”

Thanks to the generous support from our partners and donors, Nguyệt and her grandmother now have a new home to share, and Nguyệt happily goes to school with her bike and goes home to her study corner.

Make #GoodChange in the life of a child today. Consider sponsoring a child and help rewrite their future.

Sponsor a Child

Through our Child Sponsorship program, your support will ensure a child does not miss out on essential services that enhance their life including increased access to education, healthcare, and more. Your donation will not only assist the child you are sponsoring, but the entire community the child lives in.

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