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Stories of #GoodChange

April 2023

For Phong and His Friends

Phong is in grade 7. He lives in Vietnam with his grandparents, parents and sister. As a farming family, with occasional work in the local village, they live on very low incomes. 

Before Good Neighbours’ Christmas fundraiser, Phong didn’t have warm warm clothes or a winter jacket to wear. He explained:

“For a very long time my parents haven't been able to buy warm clothes for me. When I see my friends wearing new warm clothes, I want to have them as well. But, I don't have enough money”.

Creative Kids Crafternoon | Recipients of the last Crafternoon
Creative Kids Crafternoon | Recipients of the last Crafternoon

Thanks to the generosity of our Christmas Crafternoon participants and community sponsors, Good Neighbours Australia raised money to provide Phong (and many kids like him) warm clothes.

"I'm so happy to receive a Christmas gift from Good Neighbours Australia and their sponsors. I'm so thankful to have warm clothes this winter. These gifts are very meaningful to me and my family. Thank you so much."

In December, the local community gathered to decorate gift sacks at our first Christmas Crafternoon fundraiser, in Sydney.

"Thanks to all the family and friends who attended the event to help decorate gift sacks and raise funds to support Phong and his friends. The gifts we sent were much appreciated and will make a real difference to the community living in a mountainous area of Vietnam."

Thank you to all our generous donors who participated in the event or gave to Good Neighbours last Christmas. At our next event, the Creative Kids Crafternoon on 03 June, 2023, there’s another opportunity for you to help us raise funds to buy bikes for children like Phong and his friends.  Help make a #GoodChange today. 

Creative Kids Crafternoon | GNAU ED Sylvia Lee with Crafternoon Participant