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March 2023

Hope for Ukraine, 1 Year On

Stand With Ukraine | Supporting Displaced Ukrainians

It’s been a year since the invasion of Ukraine began. UNHCR’s refugee count as of March 3 is at around 1.2 million people. As an organisation advocating on the rights and protection of children, Good Neighbours condemns the brutality against civilians and is deeply concerned over the plight of Ukrainian children. We stand with international agencies in calling for the immediate ceasefire and cessation of hostilities. 

Read the full GN Statement below.

Statement Highlights

  • Good Neighbours have supplied 92,387 households with essential relief items across Ukraine, shipped medicines and medical equipment to over 80,081 people, provided cash assistance to 1,442 Ukrainians in Romania, supported another 945 with housing expenses and offered transport services from Romanian border sites to 2,351 refugees.
  • We’ve assisted 2,230 children with Romanian language courses to facilitate integration and local schooling opportunities.
  • We’ve also provided first aid Mental Health and Psychosocial Support services to 15,449 children transiting across border points, visiting UNICEF’s safe spaces or residing in Romanian border towns.
  • As of March 3, Good Neighbours humanitarian response team has been dispatched to Romania with the goal of supporting refugees in collaboration with local communities and authorities.
  • Good Neighbours lauds the efforts of local and international communities to ensure that the essential needs of the refugees are met and that adequate protection services are accessible wherever they are. 
  • Good Neighbours pledges to taking urgent action in support of displaced persons in Ukraine and refugees seeking safety in bordering countries where help is most needed.

Thanks to our generous donors, Good Neighbours Australia was able to support Ukrainian refugees to rebuild their lives in a safe environment.

Emergency Relief for Displaced Ukrainians Report

We are very thankful to [Good Neighbours Australia] that is helping us and helping fellow Ukrainians. You provide help to the children, to the adult workers. We receive a lot of good food here. Our basic but urgent need is now met. Food and warmth is given to us. And to you we are very thankful.

Stand with Ukraine

Your donation will help provide much-needed support for displaced Ukrainian families.
Sandy Sandoval

Good Neighbours Australia’s ACFID Membership Granted

Good Neighbours Australia (GNAU) proudly joins fellow members accredited with the peak body for Australian non-government organisations, the Australian Council for International Development (ACFID), as it pursues the shared vision of ‘acting with compassion and fairness for a just, sustainable and equitable world’.

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Gifts for Ukrainian refugees
Sandy Sandoval

Shipment of winter warmth to Ukraine

To support refugees in Ukraine, much-needed donations such as blankets, winter clothing, children’s toys and other essentials were secured through the help of volunteer organisations in Australia.

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