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Stories of #GoodChange

March 2023

Hope Amid the Rubble

On 06 February, two major earthquakes struck south-eastern Türkiye and northwest Syria, with thousands of people confirmed deceased. Grieving survivors are left to poor conditions, such as complete hunger, harsh winter, damaged houses and roads, and outage of water and power.

Türkiye and Syria Need Your Help

Approximately 26 million people have been affected by the two major earthquakes. Hundreds of thousands of people have been relocated to other provinces. The need for life-saving aid such as temporary shelter, hot meals, clean water, proper sanitation, hygiene kits, and winter supplies continue to rise as survivors continue to overcome this heartbreaking crisis.

Emergency response team searching through the rubble in Türkiye (formerly Turkey)
Good Neighbours Emergency Response Team member assessing the situation on the ground in Türkiye (formerly Turkey)

We are deeply saddened by this crisis, thinking of all those who lost their loved ones and their homes. Thanks to your generous support, immediate assistance has been sent to those who need it the most at this difficult time.

    How does Good Neighbours Australia respond to this crisis?

    In response to this crisis, our global Good Neighbours team is committed to providing support to those in need. We have pledged to allocate one million US dollars to assist with relief efforts in the impacted areas. We would not be able to achieve this without your support. Our global team is also collaborating closely with local partners to ensure swift and appropriate actions are taken.

    Our global Good Neighbours emergency response team has been working tirelessly on the ground to assist affected communities in Adana, Kahramanmaraş, Gaziantep and nearby areas. Despite the severe weather conditions, fuel shortages and damages to roads, and power outage, our team is working hard to deliver much-needed humanitarian support.

      Child receiving relief box from the Good Neighbours distribution in Türkiye (formerly Turkey)
      Man receiving box from the Good Neighbours Relief Distribution in Türkiye (formerly Turkey)
      Crowd gathering in front of Good Neighbours truck for the distribution of relief goods in Türkiye (formerly TurkeY)

      At the moment, our team was able to deliver relief kits containing food, wipes, sanitary pads, diapers, blankets and other emergency items to affected families, and will be setting up child protection centres in nearby rural communities.

      These efforts would not be possible without the continued support of our donors, partners, and advocates like you. The crisis is not over as the need for immediate aid continues to rise. 

      Together, we can save more lives, keep the safety of children and the vulnerable, and bring hope amid the rubble.

        Help rebuild lives in Türkiye and Syria

        Your donation will help provide emergency services to the affected people and bring hope and comfort to those who have lost daily lives due to this sudden disaster.