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March 2022

Emergency Response for Ukrainian Refugees

"The glory and freedom of Ukraine has not yet perished.."

The Emergency In Ukraine

The opening line of the Ukraine National Anthem is no more relevant than during these devastating times. We have seen the representation of the opening line play out in real time, with the resistance from Ukraine against Russia. Read on to see our Ukraine efforts, and hopefully bring back a sense of freedom that has been taken away…

On 24th February, Russian troops entered Ukraine and major attacks have been reported across the country.

Many vulnerable people including women and children have been forced to flee to neighbouring countries with no guarantee of food, safety or shelter.

These countries are feeling the full force of the sudden influx of refugees from Ukraine.

*Numbers as of February 26

Ukraine Efforts | Transport bus for refugees

Refugee Count

Cool Hungary
*As of March 2022

Our Emergency Response

Currently, our Good Neighbours team are on the ground in neighbouring countries and have been assessing the gaps in emergency support for Ukrainian refugees. Our emergency response will focus on the following:


Most of the people who cross the border are women and children, who are vulnerable targets of human trafficking. As current transport does not have the capacity to accommodate everyone, people are forced to find their own way in getting to a safe destination.
With your support, Good Neighbours has begun and will continue to provide transport from border points so people can move freely and safely.
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Many cities near the border don't have the capacity to host and support the number of refugees coming in. The local government of Galati, Romania is operating a temporal evacuation centre.
Good Neighbours will support the local government to operate the shelter smoothly.
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We are partnering with the Isaccea warehouse in Romania, where the border point is, to provide non-perishable food items for internally displaced persons in Ukraine.

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