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March 2022

Help in Haiti:
Earthquake Emergency Response

Haiti Flag

"L’Union fait la force"
In Union there is Strength.

The Emergency in Haiti

These words that fall upon the Haitian Flag could not be more true than in times of crises.

On August 14th 2021, Haiti was struck with devastation following a 7.2 magnitude earthquake. Nations rose up and united to offer their support and strength to communities who were left with nothing.

The Haitian Civil Protection Directorate General (DGPC) shared that 137,000 families were affected in the departments of Sud, Grand’Anse and Nippes. Many had the incapacity to rise from this devastation as they lost everything, with some families losing the head of their household.

lady in Haiti emergency response food kit on her head
People Living with Disability
Who Needed Emergency Assistance

Our Emergency Response

Good Neighbours Australia worked alongside Good Neighbours Haiti and Good Neighbours USA to provide emergency response including: delivery of food kits and water to 1,500 beneficiaries that were impacted significantly by the earthquake. Many of the beneficiaries had lost their homes and their main source of income was eradicated.

The food kits consisted of one bag of rice and one pack of groceries including spaghetti, corn, beans, butter, salmon, noodles, matches, a gallon of oil, and two water packs.

Further, there were 4,500 drinkable water packs to be donated throughout the communities including: churches, civil prison and camps for families who lost their homes.

Take a look at our emergency response below!

A big thank you to all our donors who made this project possible!
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