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Stories of #GoodChange

February 2022

A Bright Christmas in Vietnam

“Christmas will always be as long as we stand heart to heart and hand in hand.”

Giving. Love. Hope. Last year, the Christmas spirit found its way to 30 lucky children in Vietnam. The generosity of our Good Neighbours Australia donors has changed the lives of these children for the better through the donation of 30 bicycles.

Research has found that 4 million Vietnamese children live under the poverty line. One of the main priorities of Good Neighbours is to provide all children with equal access to education so they can reach their fullest potential.

Therefore, Good Neighbours Australia partnered with Good Neighbours Vietnam in 2021 to provide 30 primary school kids with bicycles.

These bicycles would aid the children to go to school faster and safely everyday whilst still being able to relish the joys of being a child. Good Neighbours Vietnam conducted a survey across the Quang Binh District to find 30 children that the donations would have the greatest impact for.

Many children shared their joy for receiving this gift. One child shared “Thank you for giving me the bike. From now on I will be cycling to school with my friends.”

Another expressed their thanks saying “Thank you… now my sister and I can cycle to school.”

Boy with Christmas gift - a bicycle

Moo Jin’s Christmas Wish

Now with your support my dream has come true. This is the first time I have received a Christmas gift
and this is the most meaningful gift ever for me.

Moo Jin lives in Yen Thanh Commune with his mother, father and younger brother. His family’s main source of income is through farming. However, it is not enough to cover for his family’s needs.

This left no room for them to provide their children with better transport to school. Instead, the children had to walk to school no matter whether the weather was bright and sunny or dull and grey. Sometimes this could hinder their motivation to attend school which would have significant negative impacts on their education.

With the donation of these bikes, the children can now safely and conveniently attend school everyday. They expressed their gratitude and love for their bikes by exclaiming that they would “try to study well” to make their parents and Good Neighbours family proud.

A big thank you to all our donors who made this project possible.
Help another child reach their fullest potential.
Your donation can change their lives together for the better.