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Stories of #GoodChange

February 2022

A New Water Source in Mozambique

You have greatly lessened the burden our community has in acquiring safe drinking water
and will positively contribute to the health of our children and community members.

Despite significant progress over the years, only half of Mozambicans have access to improved water supply and less than a quarter (one in five) use improved sanitation facilities (UNICEF, 2017). That is why, in partnership with Good Neighbours Mozambique, we are doing our bit to ensure safe and sustainable water sources are made readily available to children and their communities!
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Mozambique Good Water Project

Installing a New Water Source

Our 2021 WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) project successfully installed one borehole and water pump in one school to aid in the well-being and health of the children. In partnership with Good Neighbours Mozambique, we were able to conduct a geophysical survey of the site to ensure the water quality was within the recommended WHO limits. For upkeep and sustainability of the new water source, a WASH committee was established comprising 5 community members. They are responsible for cleaning and maintaining a safe and hygienic environment for the project for both preventative and curative purposes. Training was provided for the committee to ensure they knew the routines for maintaining and operating the borehole.
New Water Source

Location of the New Water Source

The 2021 WASH project installation was carried out in Urrene, Inhambane, Mozambique. There are 10 schools in the district and only 60% have access to safe and sanitised water. Many children trek long distances to unsafe and unprotected wells to acquire water that pose a higher risk of containing waterborne diseases. Now one more school has access to this basic human right!
Map of Urrene, Mozambique
School director approaching water pump

Sergio's Story

Sergio Mahumana and his son reside in Urrene, Mozambique. Prior to this project they did not have access to a clean and safe water source. His son would walk to the river for water that had a high risk of being contaminated by diseases such as Cholera and Typhoid.

Sergio shared his frustration with us about how it was very “challenging” to see his son fetch water for school from the same river that “animals also drink from.”

However, now with the new borehole, he is eternally grateful that he does not have to worry about his son accessing clean and safe drinking water.

A big thank you to all our donors who made this project possible!
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