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Stories of #GoodChange

September 2021

Our Efforts in India

During COVID we lost our livelihood, income and employment… we found it very difficult to manage basic requirements such as food for the family…

Emergency food distribution in the wake of the second COVID-19 wave

We were all very familiar with the devastating escalation of the second wave of COVID-19 in India, earlier in the year. The pandemic spread drastically because of large populations, dense living areas and unreliable health care systems.

With the increasing impact of COVID-19 on communities in India, we couldn’t stand by and watch the devastation unfold. That is why, in June 2021, we hosted our Comedy 4 COVID relief event. It was a night of laughs with acts from 4 hilarious comedians. With over 80 attendees who came with their generous hearts, we managed to raise over AU$4,000 for communities in India. Through our partnership with Good Neighbors India and the support of our generous donors, we successfully provided timely emergency relief to those who needed it most.

Our efforts in India focused on delivering food kits to families to reduce some of the stress that the pandemic had caused. As many families lost employment, they struggled to find the means to feed their families.

Map of Rayachoty and Tumkur in India

A total of 680 food kits were delivered to children and their family members within Rayachoty and Tumkur. These communities were recommended for support as they are marginalised communities due to their caste.

Food kits included items such as: rice, toor dal, ragi, spices and cooking oil.

Along with delivering emergency relief, GN India, along with government police and health officials have provided these communities with the appropriate safety precautions to minimise the spread of the virus and keep the community safe and healthy.

6 Indian girls holding food kits
Through our donors’ timely support, we have helped to intervene and positively support the lives of children and their family members in these dark hours of life due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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If you choose to support a community, you’re choosing to support—not just the children—but the community as a whole. From projects that seek to improve a community’s economic empowerment to water & sanitation, we cover a broad range of initiatives that will foster sustainable communities.