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Stories of #GoodChange

November 2020

Good Neighbours International COVID-19 Update

This year has certainly been tough for everyone. With the bushfires occurring at the end of 2019, to the COVID-19 pandemic spreading worldwide chaos throughout 2020, it is safe to say a lot has happened. 

For humanitarian nonprofits like Good Neighbours Australia, work has piled up considerably too. You may be aware of the campaigns we ran this year, such as the Aussie Bushfire Appeal with OzHarvest, our COVID-19 Relief Project, the Winter Warmer Hamper and the Christmas Appeal 2020. 

We also provided funding for our child sponsorship program in Good Neighbors Vietnam, where Vietnamese locals had increased access medical and food resources. 

But it’s not just us. The entire Good Neighbours network consists of 44 nations worldwide – meaning that plenty more is going on, especially in developing countries that need our help the most. 

Following our dedication to protecting children and the community, the Good Neighbours global network has focused on addressing the issues brought about by COVID-19. 

On an international scale, we have provided comprehensive support for 39 countries. It was a team effort involving collaborations with governments, private sectors, other international agencies as well as civil society in the respective nation. 

COVID-19 Update

The global update also reveals that while trying to fulfil our goals of:

(1) protecting the lives of the most vulnerable; and

(2) promoting community-based resilience, we have helped:

  • 547 384 beneficiaries received Psycho-Social Support
  • 253 365 children were protected from abuse and neglect
  • 43 977 beneficiaries received health check-ups
  • 98 232 children received an education (official and alternative)

These beneficiaries included citizens of partner countries, including Good Neighbors Bangladesh, Paraguay, Philippines and Zambia.

COVID-19 Update | Nongshim instant noodles in hamper

What else has Good Neighbours done?

Good Neighbours has recently released a COVID-19 Update through a Global Response Report. This has published updates on how we have served local communities. Here are the key statistics on how we spread the neighbourly spirit during COVID-19: 

  • 2 835 962 masks were distributed
  • 458 271 hygiene kits were provided
  • 267 022 individuals were supported with emergency kits
  • 93 414 test kits were supplied

What’s more, we reached 1 114 739 people across the world and promoted COVID-19 awareness. That’s about a seventh of the global population!

As you can see, it has been an eventful year for the Good Neighbours family. 

With just under 2 months left for the year, Good Neighbours endeavours to continue striving for the wellbeing of all communities. 

For those interested in reading more about the Good Neighbors International COVID-19 Update, read the full report here.