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Stories of #GoodChange

May 2020

Good Neighbour #2: Roneel Kamiya

Welcome to Interviews with our Good Neighbours, where we will feature stories from our volunteers, donors and staff of Good Neighbours Australia to share the philanthropic spirit and give you a little peek into what goes on behind-the-scenes. This week, our spotlight is on Roneel Kamiya, our in-house legal advisor!

"I enjoy the interaction with Good Neighbour's people and volunteers. They always bring a smile to my face."

It’s a plane. It’s a bird. No, it’s Roneel Kamiya! By day, he works in his own law practice. But in his spare time, he volunteers with Good Neighbours Australia and shares his upstanding talent. He has been with us since early February this year, but it certainly feels like he has been part of this family since forever! Read on to see what he has to say:

GN: What is your favourite part when volunteering with us?

RK: Looking at various legal issues that are or maybe associated with our organisation for now or in the future. To guide my organisation’s management team and staff by putting in policies and procedures to enable compliance with the current legislation we operate under. I enjoy the interaction with Good Neighbour’s people and volunteers. They always bring a smile to my face.

GN: How do you balance your time working in your own legal practice while volunteering with us? What keeps you going?

RK: I am a good organiser and strict time manager. I set my priorities each day by planning well a night before. So far, I have been able to manage my private practice and my role here efficiently.

GN: I hear that you grew up in Fiji. How was your experience, especially in terms of humanitarian volunteering if possible?

RK: I came to Australia at a very young age and completed all my education in Australia. On my occasional visits to Fiji, I have noticed some growing issues there, in humanitarian matters. If an opportunity arises, I will be more than willing to do so, given that I may be able to understand the issues from legal point of view and a bit of local knowledge. It will only serve a common good to our Good Neighbours’ mission and goal.

GN: And lastly, who is your favourite super hero?

RK: Superman, as he can appear anytime when there is a problem and resolve it instantly.

Roneel's journey as a lawyer and volunteer legal advisor of Good Neighbours Australia is inspiring to say the least. Thank you Roneel, and stay tuned for our next Good Neighbour feature!

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