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Stories of #GoodChange

May 2020

Uplifting the community with Nongshim

Instant noodles are a comfort food to many. It’s cheap, easy to prepare, and tastes absolutely scrumptious. In times like this, home foods can definitely take our minds off the economy and COVID-19 situation. In a sense, instant ramen was our hero – no doubt it has been a lifesaver in the face of late-night cravings and many more.

Nongshim is the South Korean food company behind the loveable food we all know today – Shin Ramyun. You know, the original instant ramen that has blessed the stomachs of the millions of people who have tried it. They are also the creators of Chappagetti, which was used to cook the famous dish of ram-don, from the movie Parasite. Nongshim and its instant noodle lines have come a long way in spreading the love for Korean food, from restaurant meal collabs to becoming a university student’s staple. But this time, in light of the COVID-19 epidemic, they want to give back to the community by sharing the comforts of Nongshim’s instant noodles with those in need.

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COVID-19 Update | Nongshim instant noodles in hamper

Armed with a few hundred packs of instant ramen, Nongshim partnered with Good Neighbours Australia and distributed over five hundred hampers – otherwise known as ‘Care Kits‘ – to the Sydney community. Each one is packed with basic necessities, such as hand soaps, face masks, and most importantly: instant noodles! Nongshim’s ramen and noodles are a simple but delicious meal, and will definitely warm peoples’ hearts in these troubling times. From 18th of April to mid-May, volunteers and staff of Good Neighbours Australia drove to Auburn, Smithfield, Fairfield, Dundas Valley and more, where the hampers were delivered to refugee groups, survivors of domestic abuse, as well as single parents. Nongshim and Good Neighbours Australia hope that this package will help spread hope in these times of distress.

We all understand the trying times we are living in right now. But contrary to comic books, Superman has not come to our rescue. Rather, we are our own heroes. We live in a caring community, where neighbours help each other out – and this bond is as strong as any hero’s superpower.

With the power of compassion and instant ramen, Good Neighbours Australia is keen to help Nongshim give back to the community.

Giving back to the community has never tasted so good.

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